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Empowered and Engaged

OnRamps prepares students and teachers for success in the classroom and beyond. The program builds partnerships across K12 and higher education to raise the bar on dynamic experiences that advance student success while lowering barriers to access and opportunity.

OnRamps was established in 2011 with the mission of increasing the number and diversity of students who engage in learning experiences aligned with the expectations of leading colleges and universities. The OnRamps team of 55+ experts in the fields of instructional innovation and design, professional learning and development, and enrollment management serve a growing community of high school students and their families, high school teachers, counselors, district and campus administrators, and college and university faculty and leadership.

OnRamps delivers high-quality distance education to students and teachers. The dual enrollment courses, flexible to in-person, hybrid and distance learning modalities, have prepared more than 133,000 students in Texas for the challenges and rigor of college.

OnRamps also offers robust professional development to teachers and faculty to help advance their content knowledge and expertise and boost student engagement, persistence, and completion.

OnRamps partners with school districts and higher education institutions—whether through offering OnRamps courses or seeking unique, customizable supports—to help students and teachers excel in the classroom and beyond.

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Economics Big Ideas

Understand underlying concepts of economic decision-making: incentives, trade-offs, opportunity cost, marginal thinking, and how trade creates value.

Discover how markets work and the nature of competition through studying the formal model of supply and demand, how the two forces interact to create market equilibrium, how consumers and producers respond to price changes, and how taxes impact the market economy.

Examine different types of competition and how businesses make cost and production decisions to impact their ability to compete. 

Explore factors that influence how consumers make individual economic decisions including choice, customer satisfaction, risk, and irrational behavior. 


UT Course Code: ECO 304K
3 College Credits
Pre-Requisites: None
Recommended or concurrent enrollment: Algebra II
Technology: Desktop Computer, Laptop, Chromebook, or Tablet Access
Pedagogy: Flipped Learning, Adaptive Learning

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