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The Cost of Money: Inflation or Deflation

February 03
Dr. Lacy Hunt Paul Rogge Doug Cliggott Dr. Julia Coronado

What is the cost of money? Why does it matter? Simply put, the inflation and the interest rate paid to borrow money, whether for consumption or investment, is the one of the most powerful levers for influencing our lives. It’s impact flows through all aspects of public policy, economic performance and business decision making. For the past 40 years, economic globalization, technological gains and central bank policy have all worked together to lower the “Cost of Money”. This lower cost of capital increased capital investment and raised equity values globally while also allowing governments to finance sustained spending programs at ever lower interest rates. Now, as many of these forces are receding, what does the prospect of a higher cost of capital mean for business, government, and the economy?

Dr. Lacy Hunt is a nationally renowned economist and fixed income investor who has managed bond portfolios through more than 50 years of market action.

Paul Rogge, formerly partner and senior portfolio manager at AIM funds, is a highly ranked international equity investor whose experience spans over three decades of bull and bear markets.

Doug Cliggott, a top ranked global strategist having spent 40 years covering global bond and equity markets at Merrill Lynch, JP Morgan, and Credit Suisse, teaches political economy at Amherst.

Dr. Julia Coronado, Clinical Associate Professor of Finance in the McCombs School of Business at the University of Texas, has served as a Federal Reserve Economist, strategist at BNP Paribas, and senior economist at Barclays in a 25 year career spanning academics, policy making and Wall Street.

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