The University of Texas at Austin - Civitas Institute

Economics Summer Institute

Exploring foundational concepts in microeconomics and financial literacy.

Jun 5
Jun 8
9:00 AM RSVP

About the Event

The Financial Responsibility and Economic Education (FREE) is hosting a 4-day intensive course focusing on foundational concepts in microeconomics and financial literacy, and equipping high school teachers to effectively communicate economic principles.

Topics & Benefits

Economic Principles: New to teaching economics? Need a refresh? Learn key principles and fun ways to bring them to your class.

Financial Literacy: Financial markets, credit, risk, return, and of course, inflation aren’t just concerns for Wall Street. Learn their impact on you and your students.

Teaching Resources: Our local and national partners have innovative tools and resources you can use all year long to enhance the learning experience.

Networking: Meet with local teachers and leading economic educators. Share teaching tips and learn a few more! Join our opening day and farewell day happy hours.

About the FREE

The mission of Financial Responsibility and Economic Education (FREE) is to enhance economic understanding and financial literacy across the Lone Star state. The Program is a partnership between the Civitas Institute and UT-Austin’s Department of Economics that provides avenues for civil discussions on topics related to economics and personal finance, delivers professional development for economics teachers throughout Texas, and fosters robust economic inquiry among students.


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