The University of Texas at Austin - Civitas Institute

Economic Education and Financial Literacy Program

“Economics is Everywhere”

— Daniel Hamermesh, 
Sue Killam Professor Emeritus, UT Austin


The mission of the Economic Education and Financial Literacy Program is to enhance economic understanding and financial literacy across the Lone Star state. The Program is a partnership between the Civitas Institute and the Department of Economics that provides avenues for civil discussions on topics related to economics and personal finance, delivers professional development for economics teachers throughout Texas, and fosters robust economic inquiry among students. 

What we hope to accomplish:

  • • Host invited lectures throughout the academic year featuring prominent national and international scholars on salient topics for K-12 teachers, the UT-Austin campus, and greater Austin community.
  • • Provide professional development workshops throughout Texas. 
  • • Work closely with Cincinnatus fellows to help them become better citizens.
  • • Equip graduate students in the Department of Economics to become effective instructors.
  • • Disseminate cutting edge pedagogy to empower teachers and help students become fluent in economics and financial literacy.

Who we are: 

Charity-Joy Acchiardo: email.

G. Dirk Mateer: website and email.

If you would like more information drop us an email: